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Mark Hisel


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Hello, I'm Mark and welcome to the blog at  As you would probably guess, I am another domain name guy. In case you did not already know, there are many domain name guys and gals on this little blue planet. I am not a special one, nor do I stand out amongst the very large crowd of people in the domain name world. I simply enjoy domain names and everything they represent . Especially when they represent a slightly heavier wallet from working hard all week on landing a sale. This site was built with a purpose. That purpose is to research many different subjects relating to domain names and then force myself to write about them in an attempt to educate myself. Also, from time to time, I will outsource content from professionals to keep it interesting. This should be fun. You are more than welcome to help educate me as well if you feel like commenting. This probably all sounds very selfish, but it really isn't if you consider that everyone wins when it comes to a blog. Feel free to be entertained, informed, and educated as well. Thanks for stopping by.